We offer a number of skin rejuvenating facials, as well as,  non-invasive cellulite and body contouring treatments to help you look and feel your best.  All of our products are made from natural and organic plant extracts, free from harmful chemical additives and preservatives. You can feel confident that you are doing the very best you can do for your body!

Holistic Nourishing Facial
​60 min - $80

Stimulating cleanse and exfoliating facial preparing the skin for a relaxing massage, with lymphatic drainage, designed sooth and replenish. Using handmade natural and organic blended ingredients specifically designed for each individuals needs.

​Dry Brush Massage
​30 min - $45

Give your skin a supportive love scrub. This treatment will move lymph fluid, increase blood flow, open pours and clean skin of any buildup allowing it to breath and cleanse more efficiently. The finishing touch is a warm herbal oil mini massage. Delicious!

​Eye Treatment 
​Add to any facial - $30

Rid your eyes of signs of aging, puffiness and dark circles. Cucumber extract soak with serum massage will keep you looking light and bright.   

​Herbal Detoxifying Body Wrap
​50 min - $90

A mixture of Dead and Himalayan sea salts, zeolite and a secret herbal decoction, soaked into skin then, an essential oil massage to stimulate detoxification. Ending in a  relaxing wrap in a warm blanket. No shower necessary.  


​Fruit Enzyme Peel
​Add to any facial - $30

Different fruits for different results. Green Apple for a gentle peel. Papaya for for a slightly deeper result and intensive hydration. Your skin will be soft and supple. 

​40 min - $70 per zone

An excellent treatment using the G5 massage protocol for cellulite, fat reduction and detoxification of the tissues. Noticeable changes in one treatment but a series of treatments are needed for best lasting results. See memberships page for packages 

Lypossage Video
​HBB Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring (Endermotherapy)
​Full Body Treatment - $140 single

Packages available on Memberships page

HBB cellulite and body contouring are skin rejuvenating and wellness treatment.  Using European technology FDA approve for cellulite reduction.  Increases lymphatic circulation 4x and stimulate collagen 2x.  A deep and relaxing massage machine rolls and lifts the skin, it's skin gymnastics. The stimulation of the skin signals cells, encouraging production of collagen, elastin and promoting fat reduction. HBB treatments are painless, relaxing and generate beautiful results. HBB's machine has been scientifically proven to improve skin tone, reduce inches and stimulate collagen. You’ll love the way you look and feel.  For more information and videos click here now

Lunch-time Facelift
40 min $150

Get ready for a Red Carpet night out with a full facial lift with lasting results.  Mechano stimulation plumps and tightens skin. Increased circulation leaves you face rosy and glowing.  Add a collagen mask and anti-aging serum treatment for the final touch. You look marvelous!  

Add Collagen and Anti-aging $50
Full Body Cellulite and Wellness Massage $100

Using one or more of our fat fighting modalities with detoxification to exfoliate and prepare the superficial tissues for a blast of herbal oils that will kick your little but into gear!!!

​Heavy Legs
 min - $70

Are your legs tired and swollen? We have an excellent endermocare treatment that helps reduce pain and swelling from edema and poor circulation. You leave us feeling lighter and energized.

​Bust Lift or Stomach Firming
​20 min - $40

Specialized treatment protocol using mechano stimulation and firming oils to tighten and tone lacks skin. Great for circulation. Best results come from multiple treatments. See membership page for package deals.